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THE GOONIES, 1985 AND 2001

Corey Feldman
Age 14 & 30
He's just as obnoxious in real life as he is in the movie, and reminds me of my brother for some weird reason.

Jeff Cohen
Age 11 & 27
Thinned out and became an entertainment lawyer. He also was class president at UC Berkeley, running with "Chunk For President" as his slogan.

Josh Brolin
Age 17 & 33
Has a much better haircut now, plus a tattoo. Otherwise, who cares?

Ke Huy Quan
Age 14 & 30
Does't he remind you of Sean Lennon? And he was Short Round in Temple Of Doom!

Kerri Green
Age 18 & 34
I'm so glad to find out she was 18 during filming. Now I don't feel so bad for getting a cheap thrill every time her skirt flew up.

Martha Plimpton
Age 15 & 31
Age has been kind to Martha. She went from looking like a boy to being quite pretty.

Sean Astin
Age 14 & 30
Self-described as a "fat Sean Penn." Apparently he does nothing but watch The Goonies, since he knew/remembered more trivia than anyone else.

A cameo of director Richard "Lethal Weapon" Donner. He's the guy on the right.

Finally, click right here for a video clip on the infamous octopus scene. (1.44MB, requires DivX)

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